Vermeer is a manufacturing company in the heartland making a progressive impact around the world.


It’s a cinch to form the windrows for bales with one of the Vermeer exclusive hay rakes

Bale Processors

The Final Cut™ FPX9000 bale processor from Vermeer allows you to process the amount of forage material you need, on your own time.

Forage Innovations

With the continuous round baler concept from Vermeer and Lely, you can keep moving forward, rolling bale after bale, until the job is done

Bale Wrappers

Wrapped bales also show less leaf loss and damage,and you can store them out-of-doors, eliminating the need for additional out buildings.


Vermeer’s rugged and reliable round balers are still a top choice for farmers around the nation.

Disk Mowers

Vermeer improved the standard design for disk mowers with innovations that produce high cutting performance while reducing maintenance needs.

Mower Conditioners

Vermeer mower conditioners combine productivity, flexibility and convenience into one high-performance package.

Trailed Mowers

Vermeer redesigned the way trailed mowers attach to tractors, using an easy as a drop of a pin hook-up system and plenty of other innovative features.

Hay Tedders

Vermeer specially designed hay tedders to turn cut hay so that it dries more evenly. Vermeer offers more options, so you can find the hay tedder that fits your operation.